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Organic food sales growth has been more than 20%

Organic food sales growth has been more than 20%


Organic food is becoming a popular category of consumption, but also become the object of pursuit businesses. Recently, the director of the China Organic Food Certification Center Wnghuafei to Beijing Daily : "At present, the domestic organic food sales reached about $ 5 billion, an annual growth rate is between 20% -30%, growing organic consumption demand prompted them to join the organic food business. "

In the context of expanding market, companies have increased as the organic sector, with regard to infant formula milk powder, for example, last week,Denmark Abbott original original production of organic milk cans was introduced to the Chinese market,the new access to the EU and two-factor authentication Chinese organic certification bodies open the domestic organic milk market as new weapons.

In addition, Biostime also semi-annual report disclosed recently acquired a US food company, the advantages of the company is to have a business of US organic brand since 1980, Biostime whereby organic infant formula milk powder and baby food go successfully into the Chinese market .