Exhibitor Center

23st China(BeijingInternational Organic and Green Food Industry Expo,2024

1.Get to know more on CIOE

 Here can get more infomation ---- www.organicexpo.cn

 Exhibiton Information Request (Expo Brochure、Expo Booth、Awards Program、Exhibiting Application、Expo News)

2.Contact the Organiser Committee

 Beijing Qianhe Exhibition Co.,Ltd

Project Manager:  Mr. Baiyanbin

Tel:  010-59694246             Fax:  010-59693738



      Q Q:  276899918   


3.Attending to Expo

 Pls fill the 《Application Contract》

4.Confirmed to exhibit

 Sign the《Booth Revervation Form》(the Application Contract)

5.Pay the front money

 We would like to keep the booth for you, as you need to pay at least 50% of the booth fee(in 3 working days)

6.Pay the full amount

 You need to pay the remaining cost and other fees(Before 2024.04.30)

7.Exhibiting successfully

 CIOE---Exhibition project team will provide a wide range of exhibitors Exhibitor information regularly.