Expo Profiles

24st China(Beijing)International Organic and Green Food Expo,2024

20-22th May. ,2024

Beijing China International Exhibition Centre

★CIOE → [awards-related activities to expand product sales]

To enhance corporate brand awareness and reputation, demonstrate superior product quality and service, CIOE awards event will be held in the Assembly Awards "Gold"; "Recommended New Product" award; "quality products, best product" award; (conditions related to eligible, please request staff to the General Assembly)

Sponsorship Benefits:

If you would like to become one of our sponsors, you would enjoy the following benefits from us: 

1、Special treatment

2、Propagandize on the opening ceremony

3、Advertisement during the exhibition   

4、Invitation of the professional visitors’ advertisement   

5、Catalog advertisement  

6、Web promotion   

7、Media promotion     


9、Invitation Ticket advertisement 

10、The best booths

About the details, please consult the organizing committee.