Expo Profiles

1、Organic and green food::
Fruits and vegetables, farm products ,rice, miscellaneous grain crops, organic vegetable oil, organic olive oil, organic meat and eggs,  sea food ,organic fast food, organic Leisure food, frozen food, organic children's food , farm and sideline local special products, aquatic product, fungus products, new resources food, national characteristic food and local special food, trace elemental products

2、 Organic and green drinks::
 Coffee, fruit juice, organic wine ,organic beverages, vegetable drinks, tea drinks, organic tea and tea products, green nutrients healthcare drinks, vegetable protein drinks, mineral water, honey, instant drinks. various edible sugar, wine, red wine, alcoholic cordial, white spirit, yellow wine and so on, tea, milk and dairy products, powdered milk and soy milk products, vegetable extractives;

3、 Organic and green Condiments::
Soy sauce and vinegar, gourmet powder and chicken Powder、onion、ginger、garlic、powder、condiment oil condiment sake、composite condiment series;

4、Health and organic products, related service industry::

 Skincare products、Supplements , Natural Personal Care 、Health Care 、Eco-Living 、Herbs &Traditional Chinese Medicine Baby Products 、Pet Products 、Ingredients 、natural fibers,Organic textile 、Organic toy 

5、Technology and equipments of food and beverage production::

 Machining and  package technology and equipments,organic products retailers. Supply-related services,