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Beijing Qianhe Exhibition Co.,Ltd

Beijing Qianhe Exhibition Co., Ltd is engaged in large-scale international exhibitions, conferences and events specialist . Business scope covers all types of services which mostly are international exhibitions and international conferences, many large-scale exhibitions and conferences are held every year.

Beijing Qianhe Exhibition Co., Ltd is a large-scale international exhibition Company. Held annually and includes: International organic food and green food development, International nutrition and health industry exhibition, International wine exhibition, Edible oil and olive oil exhibition, International Food and Beverage Exhibition, International Tea Fair . Various exhibitions involved in the field is quite extensive, as all over the country and overseas exhibitors offering a wide range of display space achievements, and build a bridge to link the customers.

The company also undertake various kinds of large-scale International and domestic conferences and events. The company offers a variety of meeting planning, packaging, and targeted management in accordance with the nature of the meeting which provide influence,communication with customers, and strive to achieve the best results.Ensure that each client's marketing strategies conceived in Our services are perfect embodiment. At the same time, companies give full play with major hotels, guesthouses and other advantages of cooperation, make sure to provide meeting space, set rooms, catering and all other conference-related services to meet customer demand.

Beijing Qianhe Exhibition Co., Ltd. is willing to give full efforts to their own professional advantage, through their own hard work with pioneering work, making sure to provide our clients the best possible service. Sincerely we hope we can work together with each other, together to achieve greater development in the exhibitions and conferences field.