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24st China(Beijing)International Organic and Green Food  Expo 2024

In the first year of the "14th Five-Year Plan", adhere to the harmonious coexistence between man and nature, firmly establish the concept that green water and green mountains are golden hills and silver mountains, promote the green development of agriculture, and vigorously develop green agricultural products, organic agricultural products and geographical indication agricultural products,  which laid a solid foundation for accelerating the pace of the construction of China's organic industry system, and also provided a "new impetus" for the revitalization and development of China's organic industry.

China international organic food and green food expo (referred to as: CIOE), as an organic green food industry in Asia's largest and most influential industry event, held twice each year in Beijing, Shanghai, has successfully held 23th, it covers the world series of organic green food, organic green food industry elite colleagues will gather each year communication event, complying with the demand of product market, committed to creating the best Asian organic food and green food with one-stop procurement and technical exchanges platform, the rapid development of the common booster guide organic green food industry.