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2024 24th International Beijing Organic Food Expo,Welcome !

24th International Beijing Organic Food Expo,Welcome !

According to party's eighteenth spirit on construction of ecological civilization, the development of ecological agriculture, the construction of well-off society, the development of organic food industry in China will be a brighter tomorrow. Organic food on the most vitality of the sunrise industry will strive to move forward, following the socialist road ahead in order to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation , making due contributions.

As the most important annual domestic organic food industry event - one of China's biggest and most influential expo-the 2024 24th China International Organic and Green Food Fair (CIOE) will be held 20-22th May. 2024, Beijing Exhibition Centre  .After the 23th continuous development, this coming exhibition will trot leap organic food, organic food industry colleagues gathered for the annual industry event.                                             

China Organic Green Show is one of thousands of professional events ,and focus on building the International Exhibition Group, via Beijing, Shanghai tour, the integration of domestic and international organic community resources, rapidly enhance the show quality and brand, expand the influence of the exhibition and display the results. The organic food industry has been the support and a high degree of recognition.                          

Organic makes life better,organic food develops fast, and the miracle of sustained development of organic agriculture and Qianhe's steady development, we firmly believe that "CIOE International Organic Green Food Expo" will be the world-class exhibition. Opportunities for those who are prepared enterprises, the market is left to being good at marketing businesses. The next wave of wealth growth engine has sounded, the way to develop future competition will be competitive and exciting,Qianhe EXPO is willing to open up the market escort for you.

For more info , pls contact: Mr. Baiyanbin  010-59694246

Professional event, gathering of business opportunities. Pls stay tuned!